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Some news + 10K render

I am finally back to work since a few weeks, just on time for the nice european summer. What I did since I came back from argentina :
Worked on a short 3d animation for a swiss hype/fashion magazine called OPEN Magazine. Then doing some aftereffects montages…nothing fancy. And most fun, recently I did have some time to test 2.5 , mostly on personal projects (no commercial yet, but maybe on a next one). I have to say despite the slightly slower interface feedback, i tend to like it , it has a lot of great tools, some of which do not work yet, but still look promising. I love the faster rendering, i even finally managed to render a huge 10’000×10’000 with 2000 particles instance of small animal called agotchi on a “modest” dualcore macbook pro. I think 2.49 would crash at everything exceding 5000×5000 even just with a cube scene. So now no need anymore for scripts to do big renders. Here is the image

huge 4 agotchi

big render of agotchi v4, click to view the 10'000 x 10'000 image (4meg)

For info rendered in 3min11 ( default settings 5M faces on a 8core machine though). The node compositor is very nice to use, nicer interface and faster connections possibilities. I also found 2-3 bugs so reported them. Most got fixed 🙂
Oh and a quick thing I found: Shift- Numpad 7 for the bottom view is now Ctrl- 7. Shift-7 is now showing a kind of ortho midway between 2 views.

voila that’s all for now.


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