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live from blendercamp

I am right now attending the blendercamp 2009 in Russia. And i have to say i do have a lot of fun thanks to the nice nature environment in the middle of the forest somewhere south of Nizhni Novgorod and to the great people and artists here. We all live together in an old house near a “soviet-time” obeservatory or telecommunication center (or is it maybe a long-range missile station?:-)

blendercamp overview
There some really nice conferences and artists, including my new friends Valery Grankov, russian master of  physical and mechanical special effects ( and Andrey Izrantsev, writer and maintainer of the Vray/blender script. I have to say that i arrived in Moscow on thursday 30th july and stay in Valery’s house with his family and Anrdrey for 2 days before moving to the blencercamp. Needless to say that after few bottle of vodka, we all spoke a mix of russian and english, and 3d with blender was suddenly much easier 🙂

They both work on some project of animatronic using blender as a tool to control servo motors, all this to animate some real object faces. They did a great demonstration animating in blender, and then playing back on 2 objects, one head (4 servos, up/down,left,right, mouth movement and eyes) talking to a fan (3 servos, up-down,left-right, and fan speed) adding some funny speech in the sequencer, the effect was amazing. I hope i can post a video of it soon.

Andrey showed how easy and nice it is to rendering using Vray. I am really definitevly going to investigate it. I also really hope he can make it to the blender conference this year.

Other great people include Igor and his good architecture classes, lots of small tips and shortcuts or tips i learned. And Michael, a young designer/animator who did a good masterclass on rigging a mechanical machine, including the chains. I think all these videos will be online after the end of blendercamp. Oh and i should not forget the talented teenager Luba, that showed us great models of dinosaurs,horses and panther, textures and animations. Oh and the great flying dragn. She is the future of blender artists. Unfortunately we could not communicate much as my russian is limited to saying thank you and asking where the bathroom is 🙂 I should not forget all the other people attending and making the camp so cool, i will definitively come back next year.

Oh and on my side i did show some making-of and production workflow of the H7 robot and New Ingenia movie.



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