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New Book : Blender 3D Incredible Machines

I recently recieved the news of a new book by Allan Britto called Blender 3D Incredible Machines. Allan is a well known blender brazilian architect who has already written 2 books including one specially for using blender for architecture vizualization. His new book (available now) is this time covering the mechanical aspects, like machines and robots 🙂 Well thats were it gets interesting for me as i tend to be asked to do a lots of robots-like projects recently, and looking forward to read that book and i am sure new techniques will be revealed.
In these days of 2.5 being officially revealed I understand it might be strange to sell a book based on 2.49, but as we all know, the knowledge learned in these kind of books aimed at 2.49 can easily be transfered to 2.5 when it will be production ready for all. Furthermore although 2.5 makes a lot of noise, we will still use the actual version for producing animation for the next year.
Anyway i look forward to get hands and eyes on that book, for more infos you can check :
I regret not meeting Allan last year when i was in Recife 🙂


Our latest 3D project at RGBprod: Grand Prix Horlogerie Geneva


We have just finished our latest job here at RGBprod . We were invited to create the 3d animations for the introduction of the different awards of the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève 2009. This event can be explained as the “oscars” of watchmaking. It was shown last Saturday to an audience of 1200 of the most prestigious watchmakers of Switzerland during the award Ceremony held in the Geneva Grand Theater.

The animations stars a robot made of an epic amount pieces taken from a watch mechanical movement. We basically modeled a shape we liked and started to stick these pieces to the shape, adding details and creating some pieces if we needed them, but most of the piece very already modeled from a previous project we did. As for the rigging process well…it was like any other rig, nothing much special 🙂 Except maybe that most of the gears are driven from bones using drivers, so they rotate whenever you move an arm or leg, handy!

For more technical things, all 3d done in blender some compositing and effects in aftereffect. The project credits goes also to Francesco Siddi (our talented italian) and Andres Bajares (our talented apprentice). Music and sound from Impactaudio.

and as with the other projects, you can also try to spot the Blender Initiative logo (for more infos please check Pablo’s Venom Lab DVD , on the bonus top secret zip).

GPHG Robot

A shot showing the GPHG watchrobot

H7 robot test edits…

well it is not really a director’s cut, but merely a personal editing that i found while cleaning the different files on the HD. I think i did it after the end of the real project nearly a year ago , to see a bit how the images could be potentially edited together. original music from Transformers soundtrack (not the most original i admit 🙂 and it was actually censored by youtube, so i had to put another lame music on it.

As for the new project we are working on right now at RGBprod i can say it is nearly finished and i hope i can show it publicly in about 2 weeks. Again an all blender production 🙂

the robot is blender for 3D and aftereffects for compositing/masking

Humard 3D robot project is finished


after many month of hard work, the H7 robot from Humard is finished… its quiet sad to finish a project such interesting.

of course it’s an all blender made , after effects for compositing and HUD’s

so here is the link to it :

Hello world!

I am here…live from Aubonnes, still doing the h7 robot project and also  testing blogs…


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