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Brender: a new render farm solution for blender needs beta tester.

Hello everyone.

Good news we have decided to release brender as open-source for everyone to enjoy!

I have already mentioned a few times in this blog the use of an in-house software called brender. It was first written in 2005 when I needed a simple render queuing system built around blender. The system is an apache/php/mysql server running a script  and dispatching the different render orders to client machines. There is a web interface for managing the projects, job, clients and orders. It has a slightly more complicated setup time (due to some paths possible confusion) because it allows scene files (and all the dependencies) to be on any machine in the local network, not necessarly on the server. They can be hosted on the editing machine for instance.

So after 5 years of lonely use in Swizerland and 2-3 months of rewrite with Francesco Siddi, we can proudly release the source code to the wild.

The project is hosted on a github repository here. For easier access you can find a download at this page.
Installation procedure and help is on the brender wiki.

We welcome any feedback from beta testers.

for more help you can either :
– email me (Olivier oenvoyage AT gmail) or Francesco (fsiddi AT gmail)
– post a comment/question on this blog
– check the blender artists thread
– join us on IRC freenode #brender

and to get started you can find some help/installation/introduction videos here :

simple project rendering :

installation help :

Please keep in mind it evolved from an in-house (and very hardcoded) solution to something more open, We tried as much as possible to ease the installation process.
Some complicated aspects include the paths needed for projects setup. This is mostly due to the concept of brender to not move the .blend files from server to client. All rendernodes renders through network in a “local” way. It gives less hassle with linked files, textures, simcache etc.

the codesource can be downloaded on github :



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