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New Ingenia corporate film

Well I am back from china (mongolia right now)  so now I can blog back again… really awfull censorship… just example, they have the power to cut your wikipedia access for 5 minutes if u try to read an article too sensible for them (green dam censor software). Not even talking about vimeo and youtube.
So back to main topic. Today a quick post to show a project we finished at RGB about end of may. It is a corporate video intended more as a fictional showcase than a real company overview. Thus a great liberty of creation and process. All the elements (subway, city, office) had to be built using the customers products: modulable metal profiles. Maybe later i will write a bit about the process of creating it.
You can check their newly designed website for more infos , and you can find the film on the homepage  or under “decouvrez notre video promotionelle”.

Thanks to Pablo Vasquez for the work on it too, and good luck to his Venom’s Lab DVD , buy it its worth 🙂
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