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Blender Presentation + Workshop at Libre Software Meeting – Geneva 10-11 July

The Libre Software Meetings (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) is a worldwide gathering of enthusiastic FOSS users that usually takes place in France. But this year the organizers decided to change a bit and it will take place in Switzerland, in Geneva to be precise. Although still in a french speaking territory, most of the talks and conferences will be in English.

I will give an introductory presentation of Blender on tuesday 10th at 14h40 (offical schedule here).
This talk will be followed by a hands-on workshop on wednesday 11th at 14h (schedule)

Both are intended for beginners or graphic professionals that would like to know more about 3D creation with Blender. A bit of history, tools and scripting. Come mess around with vertices and meshes during the workshop.

I will also be in Geneva during the public weekend, when the events are more wide-public oriented. So if you happen to be there at that time, drop me a line and we can hangout.

By the way the events are free, and there will be open-source beer (not free though)

Also check out the interesting program for Media, Radio, Télévision, Professional graphics as well as the official website


Preparing travel to Argentina/Chile (feb-march 2010)

Hello everyone.
Just a quick notice to let everyone you know that we are now preparing our travel. We will spend 2 months between Argentina and Chile from feb 8th to april 10 and i would be very happy to meet any 3D artist that lives in there. So if you would be interested to meet for a drink and chat about 3d, art, or everything feel free to contact me on this blog or by email at oenvoyageATgmailDOTcom.
Hope to meet you soon.


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