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Venezuela Blender Project : Historias Nativas

Blogging is not only about yourself, its also about friends.
So here is one project from my friends at Macuare Production called Historias Nativas

Historias Nativas PosterI visited them last march during my travel to Venezuela and we talked a bit about how to develop their project in a country where there are not so many 3d artists yet (even less using blender) and i think they found a very good solution. Basically they offer good blender training and workshops to artists for a good price, and then offer a 8 months paid job behind for the most talented ones. I think its smart 🙂
Advanced workshops with spanish-speaking masters Pablo “venomgfx” Vasquez, Claudio “malefico” Andaur, and Daniel “ZanQdo” Salazar.

The project is 12 episodes of 3mins , targeted at 2 to 12 years old kids. Each episode tells a story or legend of one of the 4 main indigenous peoples populating venezuela explaining also the culture, history and promoting the value of cultural diversity to the young audience.

If you can read spanish you can find more informations at this adress English should follow soon.



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