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Making the robots! (blender conf presentation)

Dear Diary blog,

I have not forgotten you. You are still my blog and after a few weeks of non-updating I think I should let you know what I have been doing lately.

First of all I have been to China for a month during september, enjoying the food and spending time with my family-in-law. A little side trip to Hong-kong was also included. Now back in Switzerland I am working hard on the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève animations for this year. As well as doing some other editing projects.

H7, Bubbletime and Optimus Time

But most important, I will be giving a presentation at this year’s blender conference in Amsterdam. The 3 robots we made at RGBprod will be the subject of the talk. Here is a little image with them. I will be happily surrounded by my good friends  Francesco Siddi and Pablo Vazquez.

We will show some making-of and hopefully have a lot of fun.

I hope to see you there.


H7 robot test edits…

well it is not really a director’s cut, but merely a personal editing that i found while cleaning the different files on the HD. I think i did it after the end of the real project nearly a year ago , to see a bit how the images could be potentially edited together. original music from Transformers soundtrack (not the most original i admit 🙂 and it was actually censored by youtube, so i had to put another lame music on it.

As for the new project we are working on right now at RGBprod i can say it is nearly finished and i hope i can show it publicly in about 2 weeks. Again an all blender production 🙂

the robot is blender for 3D and aftereffects for compositing/masking


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