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Create a sci-fi image in one hour, and why I could do it.

This week I was browsing the web when I fell on an image that struck me. As usual the image was downloaded and put in my “inspiration” folder, a place where there are all sort of stuff that must be checked back later , either to analyze, study from, get inspired or maybe try to recreate a similar atmosphere or effect depicted in that image. The image can be found here : (made by

So yesterday I had some free time and I wanted to redo this strong contrasted image, of a pure white light illuminating a kind of spaceship dock or bay. Here is the image that took me around one hour to create (not counting rendering 20mins)


As you can see this is fairly detailed and that is the point I want to focus on today :reusing pre-modeled greebles freely available.

Here is the quick process creating this image :

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 19.30.08First I block some basic shapes (very classic in itself, the aim of exercise was more of lighting). I could have gone more hexagonal, or with stronger silhouette.

Then I remembered having seen some pretty good greeble blend swap file.  Here is the file (, and once again it is done by Kuhnindustries, who is an amazing modeler!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 19.31.51

I do believe those kind of blendswaps are the most useful ones. Small elements that you can reuse and assemble in a bigger set/model/scene, just like Lego bricks. If you know of some other ones feel free to comment below, I will add them here

So again thanks Kuhnindustries for all your models! If you ever meet me, you get a few free drinks 🙂

p.s. Someone on Twitter rightfully mentionned that this image has no real Point of Interest. In fact the original image had some text in the center, so here is an updated version, with something to look at 🙂



Transparent Screen Macbook

Having seen a compilation of some good transparent screens photos (check out I decided that I should give it a try. So here are my 2 results.

Nothing fancy as I did not do not have good lights and I am lazy to clean my appartement for a nicer layout 🙂
Still it is very fun to do and really easy. It’s real photography, Photoshop used just for the end color correcting.

Female_Assistant image file not found.

Just a quick screenshot of something funny that happened during a recent test.
While working with a footage image called ist2_11456255-female-assistant, I changed some folder’s name and AE couldn’t find it anymore so it places a placeholder :

I finally got Blender to run on iPhone / iPad !

As some of you know I have been traveling for a while now, and while still enjoying the great landscapes of Argentina and Chile I did take my MacBook with me and found some time between the different buses to play around with my iPhone and Blender.

I shouldn’t say it too loud but I have a jailbreaked iPhone, and as it is running unix based I thought i will try to use the XCode tools and Apple Iphone SDK tools to compile a svn version of the blender trunk sources to run on iphoneOS. Imagine how hard it was typing a command like:

gcc -ansi -Opengl E/S -O3 -o blender blendergl.c -lglut

on the tiny touchy iphone keyboard. Well after a while I had the idea to d/l a ssh server on the iphone and so connecting through SSH helps a lot as i could use the mac keyboard to type all the needed commands 🙂

But it was nevertheless not an easy job at all! A looooots of libraries were missing, had to be specially compiled for the iPhone. One of the hardest to get was iphone-glu which is an opengl utility library used for some polygon tesselation functions. But luckily there is always google and some geeks at the #compile-blender chans on freenode, thanks to them for helping me.

Viewing a 3d Scene in the bus

As you can see the size of the screen doesn’t allow much working on it, but it is ok to view 3D scenes, although I only managed to orbit the camera around, not to zoom, zoom would immediately crash 😦

Well that it for now, I think now we just have to wait to see a jailbreaked ipad for having bigger resolutions. Blender in multitouch can be fun !! It is really a great day 😉

EDIT : this post was written on april 2010 . It is thus an April’s fool, but hopefully someone will port blender or some part of it to android…maybe for viewing, or sculpting.
EDIT 2 : july 2012 – A Google Summer of Code student AlexKu is porting the blenderplayer to Android : GSoC-2012-Android-Blenderplayer-Port blenderartists thread. I don’t think we will ever see blender on iPhone / iPad due to Apple’s licensing stuff… 😦

The day Durian/Sintel reaches 1 million youtube/vimeo viewer

While trying to sleep in the bus and having so many things going through mind I started asking myself: is Durian going to be successfull ( i do believe it) and so when is it going to reach the million viewer? As I think it will make even more noise in CG-world than BBB or ED, the subject being attractive (teen-style girl fighting bad guys with a dragon in a medieval fantastic world) , and after some abstract math (potential summer pre-siggraph release + snowball effect delay) I came to the useless but fun conclusion that Sintel/Durian movie will reach 1 million views on September 14th at 18h10 amsterdam time (either on youtube or vimeo).
What is your guess?

For info (data on 16.03.2010):
Elephants Dream youtube : 500’000
ED Vimeo : 200’00

Big Buck Bunny youtube : 1.05 million
BBB Vimeo : 1.3 million

blenderlogo at the lake

During last blendercamp we had a day off and went to a very nice lake rowing a bit and enjoying the view (although a bit cloudy it was still great). Someone took a silly picture (or maybe it was simply me doing silly) of me and the safety buoy.

After coming back i just potoshoped it in 3 minutes to get this funny useless result:


What to do during rendering…

Well this week and weekend was a bit of very hard work for Pablo and myself as we are in the last days of the new project, and it was rendering time! Render is often a very stressful time, because of render frames results, render farm not always working with all feature (i will talk about our little brender system later) and seeing that you missed to enabe an important layer at frame 327 or this kind of surprises…
Pablo at full rendering
but as you can see on our photos it can also be a kind of fun time 🙂 Yes computers do work for us.
Pablo was kind of better at mini-minigolf than me.
myself rendering scene 4 :)
But now its back to work and lets check those renders! I will post pictures as soon as i can.

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