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The day Durian/Sintel reaches 1 million youtube/vimeo viewer

While trying to sleep in the bus and having so many things going through mind I started asking myself: is Durian going to be successfull ( i do believe it) and so when is it going to reach the million viewer? As I think it will make even more noise in CG-world than BBB or ED, the subject being attractive (teen-style girl fighting bad guys with a dragon in a medieval fantastic world) , and after some abstract math (potential summer pre-siggraph release + snowball effect delay) I came to the useless but fun conclusion that Sintel/Durian movie will reach 1 million views on September 14th at 18h10 amsterdam time (either on youtube or vimeo).
What is your guess?

For info (data on 16.03.2010):
Elephants Dream youtube : 500’000
ED Vimeo : 200’00

Big Buck Bunny youtube : 1.05 million
BBB Vimeo : 1.3 million



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