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Create a sci-fi image in one hour, and why I could do it.

This week I was browsing the web when I fell on an image that struck me. As usual the image was downloaded and put in my “inspiration” folder, a place where there are all sort of stuff that must be checked back later , either to analyze, study from, get inspired or maybe try to recreate a similar atmosphere or effect depicted in that image. The image can be found here : (made by

So yesterday I had some free time and I wanted to redo this strong contrasted image, of a pure white light illuminating a kind of spaceship dock or bay. Here is the image that took me around one hour to create (not counting rendering 20mins)


As you can see this is fairly detailed and that is the point I want to focus on today :reusing pre-modeled greebles freely available.

Here is the quick process creating this image :

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 19.30.08First I block some basic shapes (very classic in itself, the aim of exercise was more of lighting). I could have gone more hexagonal, or with stronger silhouette.

Then I remembered having seen some pretty good greeble blend swap file.  Here is the file (, and once again it is done by Kuhnindustries, who is an amazing modeler!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 19.31.51

I do believe those kind of blendswaps are the most useful ones. Small elements that you can reuse and assemble in a bigger set/model/scene, just like Lego bricks. If you know of some other ones feel free to comment below, I will add them here

So again thanks Kuhnindustries for all your models! If you ever meet me, you get a few free drinks 🙂

p.s. Someone on Twitter rightfully mentionned that this image has no real Point of Interest. In fact the original image had some text in the center, so here is an updated version, with something to look at 🙂



A journey through Architecture and Openworked Creations

Finally there is some interesting commercial project worth mentioning on the blog : “A journey through Architecture and Openworked Creations” , for swiss watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin .


Openworked technique known in french as “skeleton” , is the art of opening the watch movement so that one can see through it.

here is the movie :

We had to create 3 different 3D universes, each inspired by one of the watch models. Elements of inspiration include shapes, curves and the gravure patterns.

Rendered in cycles (600 samples) on 2 PC. One with Nvidia GTX 690 and the other with GTX 660. Each frame took an average of 15 minutes to render with a maximum of 31 minutes ( when the train passes very close and generates lot of motion blur on the first scene (train station)).

Golden smoke particles are Particular in after effects, we also used Bartek Skorupa’s awesome script for importing blender cameras inside AE . Thanks man! This movie was made at RGBprod.

here is a gallery of some making-of images  :

train and locomotive based on great CC models by  KuhnIndustries and seavenois. Thanks guys

My FMX experience, Conferences, Blender and Cycles

Hello Everyone !

Mohit Kallianpur @ fmx2011 : Untangling “Tangled”

I just came back from Stuttgart where I attended the FMX 2011 conferences. First of all let me tell you it was amazing!  Not only where the conferences interesting, but also well attended and often full. I did miss some because of that. But well, on the other hand I also saw some great ones like Disney’s presentation on Tangled/Rapunzel lightning and shading, or Pixar’s cinematography (layout & camera) . Special effects were also not forgotten with nice sessions around Harry Potter’s movie and some stereoscopic 3d workflows. The House der Wirtshaft building is a great place to hang around and has good installations. I just wish I could duplicate myself using Shift-D so I could see all the talks and workshops.

A large part of my time was also spend revolving around the Blender booth were we gave out nearly a thousand free DVD’s of blender + tutorials to interested people. I was suprised at the number of people who actually had tried blender few years ago and are still interested. A fun question to be heard : “How can it be free and so powerful? Who pays for all this ? “. We gave some demos and had some afterhour beers. I was very happy to meet Ton again, and of course all the german blender users/guru and say hello to all you guys ! Especially big hug goes to Thomas W who was a great after-work-dinner-relaxation-chill-out-evening organizer. Taking us to typical schwäbische restaurant on first night, and exotic african on the 2nd day. + thanks for the hosting.

blender cycles rendering demo can harm your car

The big attraction (and it really did attract people) on the booth was indeed Cycles, the new render engine work-in-progress. It was my first time see it live, and got a good chance to play around with it. Mostly turning around the viewport and staring at the scene rendering.  We did show a lot the BMW scene from Mike Pan (and I enjoyed changing it live) , and it was fun because a few booth away was Cad Networks (reseller of rendering and vizualization solutions Nvidia partner) and they were showing off some real-time raytracing, but to be honest the speed difference beetween their powerhorse and our modest setup was not big… Of course a lots of parameters has to be taken in account, they use windows (cycles seems 2x faster on linux (due to no win optimization yet i think) and their software to demo is different. So we managed to get cycle win build on a usb stick and plug it in. It was cool and working, but it seems it did not use all the 4 graphic cards in parralel, only one… So we still have to wait to see full parallel CUDA.

The engine also integrates a new shading system based on OpenShading Language (opensource project from Sony). It has some basic shaders that can be viewed in nodes or as property list. More complexe shaders to be added later, or you can create/program  your own ones.

I will definetly be at FMX 2012 next year.

And here are some more photos :

cars, cars, cars....modern art ?

Stuttgart was also hosting the International Animation Festival- With open air screenings !

Aerial view of the blender booth

myself fooling around the booth


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