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Finally !
Finally i can post to my blog again…. I am travelling right now in Asia and have been in china for over a month. Unfortunately due to some governemental restrictions, some websites access are refused, including blog platforms like blogspot, wordpress etc.
Now that i just arrived in Korea ( if u are a blenderhead in korea and want to meet contact me at oenvoyage_at_gmail) i can finally post articles again.
Another website that is blocked is youtube, and i have to say i never noticed in switzerland how much i would miss it on a daily work use. With so many tutorials, conferences extracts or short movie around blender on youtube that i could not access in china, i felt i was missing a lot infos to keep up to date.

beetween Jinshanling and Simatai

Amazing Great Wall beetween Jinshanling and Simatai

Except for the limitations on internet useage, china is still an amazing country, full of great people, culture and food ! I love it all and i look forward to come back in 2 weeks for meeting my girlfriend and taking the train to mongolia and russia



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