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One Way – open movie

My friend Francesco Siddi ( has been working on his BA project, a movie called “One Way” ( It is a story set in 1930’s railway station of Milano Centrale, telling the encounter of 2 persons waiting the train.

About 3 weeks ago i went to Milano for an extended weekend to help him to set up the stereo rig and create the animatic, designing the basic workflow, eating good pastas etc. One of the question we faced was “should we use a stable 2.49 or beta 2.5?”. Somehow we did not discuss it too long and decided to take the 2.5 challenge…So we (especially Francesco, as i am back to work on my own projects now) ¬†sometimes have to struggle with some bugs or limitations, but overall it is a nice experience, UI is better organized and i still miss some tools (bridge,svg import, bevel etc).

So back in switzerland, our apprentice Andres also started to help the project by creating one of the main locomotive. Based on references given by Francesco, he managed to build a nice looking and rigged loco. On my part, I also decided to model a control tower one evening while watching a teutonic-batave semi-final. It is quiet interesting to have a little specific task to do. A great training for everyone, that I would suggest especially to students or hobbyist, as in that case you have to model/animate something specific, that a director needs, a bit like a client asking something specific for a commercial project, instead of just what you like or are interested in.

There are still many ways to contribute to the project.

Last but not least Francesco needed a render farm system to manage the 11 macs provided by his uni. As we worked together at RGBprod before, he knew about our in-house renderfarm solution called brender and asked me if he could use it. Of course!
The only problem being that I never installed it outside of our network, and it was not working with 2.5 yet… So suddenly I had something to do on a sunny and too hot saturday (but dont worry fellow readers, i also went to see the sun and have some night drinks). A hotline skype-call with Francesco and some time later we had it running and improved a bit.

Having to install it on an outside network and through phone really made me notice how in-house this brender is. In itself it is not complicated, but myself being a very poor programmer, i tended to add feature and hacks on top of them as we needed them instead of thinking deeply to future implications. Resulting in a very organic, unportable, buggy thing that i would love to clean and restart from scratch, to allow easier installation and fixes.Development to be continued if I have time.

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