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Brender Render farm queue management system developement

I have written a few times on this blog about Brender. It is a little in-house system that I developed and used for the last 3 or 4 years to help me manage some rendering and scene management on different machines in our studio. To release the code to the public was always a wish to me, but not possible without some cleaning. It was first developed specifically for our network and machines, including a lot of hardcoded variables, machine names, IP’s and blender path.

Luckily recently I got the help of Francesco Siddi,  and we are working hard to have something downloadable (maybe before christmas?) .

A little work in progress screenshot

But be warned, this might not be the easiest render farm solution to set up and install 🙂 It is a system based on an apache web interface and mysql database. If you are interested to test it contact me (oenvoyage AT gmail) or Francesco (francesco.siddi AT gmail)


New demoreel 2010

This weekend I had some time to compile a new temporary demoreel. I am not fully satisfied with it, but it’s better something than nothing 🙂
A lots of robots of course, as we had some nice projects last year.

Most of the work was done at RGBprod studio.


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