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What can a bunch of creative Swiss do with a photogrammetry castle model?

Each month we have a meetup called 3D Thursday here in Lausanne. We gather and have a nice “Apéro”, followed by a presentation on a theme related to 3D or Computer graphics in general.

In March the theme was Photogrammetry using a drone. Our presenter Thierry used a DJI and Photoscan 3D to produce a very interesting .obj model + texture of the castle of Vufflens-le-Chateau (making-of here in french) .


For April I proposed to our members to use the data (you can get it here) to create something, a render, a matte painting, an anim, a game or whatever they want and show it at our April session.

I was afraid that we would not have enough material to show or talk for an hour, but oh man was I wrong. Everyone (I love you guys) made something, that is amazing. As you can see we have many different users, backgrounds and styles !

So here are the results in no particular order.



so now that you are inspired…. download the data here or there and also create something fun !


3D Thursdays – 3D meetups

Today I am going to talk about a recurring event that takes place in Lausanne every 3rd Thursday of the month: the fantastic 3D Thursdays!


At first we wanted to organize something like a Blender monthly meetup, but 3D and CGI is such a vast world, we wanted to include more subjects and more enthusiasts people!, So we are open to everything CG and more… like 2D painting, VR, game stuff etc…

It is held at the Fixme hackerspace using the meetup space from Univercité. We usually start from 19h with a traditional “Apéro”, a welcome drink and chips, chatting and getting to know each other, sharing news etc… Then at 20h we have the main event/présentation that lasts suually for an hour, followed by questions and discussion.


3D Thursday posterWe use the meetup plateform for organizing the com.

If you are in the area, come join us or share the link:

Here are some of our previous meetups themes:

  • Rigging
  • Architectural 3D renderings
  • 2D painting, discovery of Krita software
  • Materials and rendering
  • An evening of sharing tips and tricks of production

In your area?

If you are interested in organizing a similar event in your area, feel free to do it! There is no trademark! … you can get a .SVG file of the poster here :
Easy tip to remember: 3D Thursday is on the 3rd of the month!

Blender Meeting – SwissBUG @ Lausanne Apr 25th

Hello Blenderheads!

(Version française : )

We are pleased to announce a new gathering of Swiss Blender Users.


Let’s meet April 25th at 14h.

The location is again in Lausanne, to be more precise in Renens in the conference room of the Ateliers de la Ville de Renens. It is at the same place than our friend Thierry from Kopilot (check, awesome tutorials!)

Here is the schedule:

  • 14h00 – Welcome and get to know each other
  • 15h00 – Camera Tracking and 3D integration Demo
    Presented by Greg Michoud and Olivier Amrein
  • 16h30 – Questions and remarks
  • 17h30 – Show your artwork, projects and apéro time :)
  • around 20h – Food time

You can find more informations including phone number and location address here :

Take your laptops, mouse, wifi provided.

See you soon!

Blender Presentation + Workshop at Libre Software Meeting – Geneva 10-11 July

The Libre Software Meetings (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre) is a worldwide gathering of enthusiastic FOSS users that usually takes place in France. But this year the organizers decided to change a bit and it will take place in Switzerland, in Geneva to be precise. Although still in a french speaking territory, most of the talks and conferences will be in English.

I will give an introductory presentation of Blender on tuesday 10th at 14h40 (offical schedule here).
This talk will be followed by a hands-on workshop on wednesday 11th at 14h (schedule)

Both are intended for beginners or graphic professionals that would like to know more about 3D creation with Blender. A bit of history, tools and scripting. Come mess around with vertices and meshes during the workshop.

I will also be in Geneva during the public weekend, when the events are more wide-public oriented. So if you happen to be there at that time, drop me a line and we can hangout.

By the way the events are free, and there will be open-source beer (not free though)

Also check out the interesting program for Media, Radio, Télévision, Professional graphics as well as the official website

Blender workshop in Lausanne december 20th @Fixme Hackerspace

Last week I gave an introductory course for the GULL (Linux Usergroup of lake Léman area), and as a followup, I will hold a workshop about Blender in Lausanne.
The venue place is FIXME hackerspace, rue de Genève 79
It will be open-schedule, meaning you can come in at anytime from 19h to 22h30. There is a little fee (5 chf) for non-members, and free for FIXME members .
It is open for all levels, beginners to jedi masters !
French and English spoken 🙂
Bring your laptops and mouses and let the fun begin!

Swiss Blender Users

Salut a tous / Hallo zusammen / Saluti a tutti / Hello everyone

SwissBUG form :

EN : Little blogpost to invite all swiss users to register themself on this form.
We will eventually try to organize some swissBUG (swiss blender user group)

FR : Petit post de blog pour vous signaler un formulaire pour vous inscrire comme utilisateur Blender en Suisse (tous niveaux bienvenus). On essaiera d’organiser un souper ou rencontre

DE : ein kleines Formular um sich anzumelden bei der swiss blender user group. Wir probieren denn einmal ein Zusammentreffen zu organisieren. Ich bitte um Entschuldigen für mein Schrecklisches Deutsch 🙂

IT :
Piccolo post per dire che c’è un formulare per registrarsi come utente di Blender di Svizzera (tutti livelli benvenuti). Si proverà ad organizzare una cena o incontro. (thx fossilite x 3 🙂


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