New Book : Blender 3D Incredible Machines

I recently recieved the news of a new book by Allan Britto called Blender 3D Incredible Machines. Allan is a well known blender brazilian architect who has already written 2 books including one specially for using blender for architecture vizualization. His new book (available now) is this time covering the mechanical aspects, like machines and robots 🙂 Well thats were it gets interesting for me as i tend to be asked to do a lots of robots-like projects recently, and looking forward to read that book and i am sure new techniques will be revealed.
In these days of 2.5 being officially revealed I understand it might be strange to sell a book based on 2.49, but as we all know, the knowledge learned in these kind of books aimed at 2.49 can easily be transfered to 2.5 when it will be production ready for all. Furthermore although 2.5 makes a lot of noise, we will still use the actual version for producing animation for the next year.
Anyway i look forward to get hands and eyes on that book, for more infos you can check :
I regret not meeting Allan last year when i was in Recife 🙂


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