Caracas and 2.5


I arrived in Caracas few days ago… nothing special to say.  I did meet some new friends, couchsurfers of course 🙂 and will also start to travel to Margarita Island soon. No blender until i arrive in San Cristobal

I just wanted to say how much excited and happy i am about the new 2.5 features… all animatable and new animsys being some of my fav… big applause to the great amount of work already done by the developers. Of course there is still a looot to do until we can really use it for production… But from what i see i can feel the dev team did the exact right choices for a modular, extensible modern base architecture.

So now its my turn to learn some python to improve my blender capabilities.

if you have not seen the developement news check this :


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